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Getting started with 2FAS Account SDK

This SDK is used to create and manage an account in 2FAS from your PHP application. The latest version of the 2FAS SDK can be found on Github. The 2FAS SDK requires PHP version 5.4 or higher.

Note: API reference for this SDK is available here

Follow these steps to create an account in 2FAS:

  1. Installation and creating account
  2. Managing account

Full documentation for our SDK can be found here

Installation and creating account

The SDK can only be installed using a composer. You can add the PHP SDK to your composer.json file with the require command:

composer require twofas/account-sdk : "4.*"

If you are using a framework like Symfony or Laravel, the 2FAS SDK may be automatically loaded for you and ready to use in your application. If you're using Composer in an environment that doesn't handle autoloading, you can require the autoload file from the "vendor" directory created by Composer if you used the install command above.

Creating SDK client

Before you start using SDK, you have to write some code. We use OAuth for authentication, and you have to store tokens in your storage (eg. database). All you have to do is implement TwoFAS\Account\OAuth\Interfaces\TokenStorage and use TwoFAS\Account\OAuth\TokenType::api() token type:

// Required if your environment does not handle autoloading
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

//class MyTokenStorage implements \TwoFAS\Account\OAuth\Interfaces\TokenStorage {...}
$tokenStorage = new MyTokenStorage();
$tokenType = TokenType::api();

$twoFAS = new \TwoFAS\Account\Sdk($tokenStorage, $tokenType);

Creating Account

Instead of creating an account with our dashboard, you can use these few lines of code:

// SDK client has been created

$email = '[email protected]';
$password = $passwordConfirmation = 'You secret password';
$source = 'api';

$client = $sdk->createClient($email, $password, $passwordConfirmation, $source);

Creating OAuth Tokens

Now that you have created an account, you need to create 2 types of tokens to authenticate in the API: setup and api. The first one is used only to create integration while the second is used in other cases. You do not have to worry about which one to use, because TokenStorage will do it for you.

// SDK client and Account has been created

$email = '[email protected]';
$password = 'Your secret password';
$name = 'My Site';

$sdk->generateOAuthSetupToken($email, $password);
$integration = $sdk->createIntegration($name);
$sdk->generateIntegrationSpecificToken($email, $password, $integration->getId());

Managing account

Managing integration

After creating integration, you can update its attributes (e.g. name)

// SDK client and Account has been created

$integrationId = 123;
$integration = $sdk->getIntegration($integrationId);
$integration->setName('My New Site');

// Update integration  

// Delete Integration