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Getting started

In this section you will find some guidelines on how to configure 2FAS App for your website. You can also download detailed instructions that will take you through this process step by step. To make the most of 2FAS service use REST API or dedicated SDK (for PHP only).

Creating Account

First, you have to create an account at You may have many services for which you want to enable the 2FAS App and you can manage these via your account. The process which allows you to connect the 2FAS App to an online service is called an integration.

Adding Integration

To add an integration, sign in to your account and select the following:

IntegrationsAdd New Integration

Type your integration name eg. “My site”.

Add integration

Adding OAuth Key

To complete the integration process you will need a key called OAuth. OAuth (Open Authorization) is an authentication protocol that allows you to approve one application interacting with another.

Click on OAuthAdd New OAuth Key.

Select name of your recently created integration:

Add OAuth Key

Copy Access Token

After adding an OAuth key you'll be able to copy your Access Token, which will be used to connect to our API. Your Access Token will appear only once after creating the key.

Copy Access Token

Log in

Use this data to log in to the API using OAuth or use our SDK.

Note: You can also use our additional SDK to manage your account from the server. You can find more information on this here