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Getting started

This documentation will take you through all the steps you'll need to integrate your site with 2FAS. You can avail of our service using REST API or dedicated SDK (for PHP only).

Creating Account

To use our service you need to sign up for an account at You have many services to which you want to add 2FA - we call them an integration.

Adding integration

To add an integration, sign in to your account and select the following IntegrationsAdd Integration and type your integration name eg. “My site”. After adding the integration, it appears in the integration list and has a unique identifier that you will use in the SDK:

Add integration

Adding keys

To sign in to the API you need to add a key for the integration. To do this click on KeysAdd key. The login key will appear when you click on the Token:

Add key


Use this data to log in through the API as Basic Auth or use our SDK.

Note: You can also use our additional SDK to manage your account from the server. You can find more information here