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How to create an account and configure TOTP

Create an encryption key

Encryption key

Copy the encryption key and paste to config.yml:

Encryption key config

But we recommend that you keep this value in parameters.yml and parameters.yml.dist and add reference to variable in config.yml.

Create an account

Create account - step 1

Choose one of the above options and provide your data:

Create account - step 2

Add account in your mobile app

  1. Log in to your website and go to "/2fas/index".

This is a simple dashboard to show and manage your settings:



This dashboard comes from our demo application and has included our css styles. After installing this bundle by default you haven't any styles so you get a white, plain html page. But if you want, you can include it.

  1. Click on the "Configure" under the TOTP channel.

  2. You will see the configuration page:

Configure TOTP

  1. Open your mobile app:

Mobile app - 1

  1. Scan QR code:

Mobile app - 2

  1. Your mobile app will generate a code:

Mobile app - 3

  1. Type this code in form and click Submit

  2. Configuration is complete but the second factor is still disabled:

Configure totp complete

  1. Go to console and enable the second factor:

TwoFAS Enable

  1. Now you will be protected by 2FAS, next time you login, after your login form you will see the second factor form:

Check code